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Christmas Entertainers from Auroras Carnival


Aurora's Carnival offers a variety of entertainers with a Christmas theme.  Have a look at what is on offer and choose the performers to suit your event.  We have many others who are not yet listed on this site, so please ask us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.

Balloon modelling elves  from and Auroras Carnival

Elves at Work - an artist-at-work performance, The Elves can be commissioned to make a specially designed giant balloon sculpture whilst the public watches. The sculpture takes about 5 hours to make and will then last for at least a week. Popular sculptures have included a 10 foot angel outside Santa's grotto at the Mander Centre, Walthamstow.

Balloon modelling elves  from and Auroras Carnival

Hit and Run Balloonacy - The Elves run up to an unsuspecting individual and industriously cover them in an entire balloon outfit, much to the amusement of the gathering crowd. Until the final moment the public has no idea what the outfit will turn out to be! The subject may find himself wearing a giant balloon helicopter, a scuba diving outfit, a rubber ducky-ring and armbands, or even be dressed as cupid complete with wings, halo, bikini and bow and arrow! (Just a few ideas from the nutty imagination of The Elves!) After a hearty round of applause and much laughter, the triumphant Elves run off to find their next victim... 

Winter Workshops - Flown in from the great Winter workshops of Lapland (where as everyone knows, all presents are made), the cheeky elves run industrious drop-in workshops where the public gets the chance to learn and make their own winter balloon art. Everyone gets creating and can proudly take home their own balloon sculpture!


Music and contact ball manipulation  from and Auroras Carnival

Season’s Greetings from The Crystal Music Box.
Two beautiful maidens of the sea are swathed in silks of purple and blue. 
As one delicately plucks the strings of her Celtic harp, the other performs a captivating show with her crystal balls.
Ideal for:
 Entrances to events....Weddings and Receptions....Parties....Festivals
 Department Stores....Banquets and Dinners....Medieval Events....Openings....Art Galleries

An excellent act for the festive season, with their glittering crystal balls and shimmering purple, blue and silver colours.  
The Crystal Music Box are also available in elegant concert dress (top hats included!) or Medieval gowns.


Music and contact ball manipulation  from and Auroras Carnival


Mrs Santa  from and Auroras Carnival

Sigmund the Singing Reindeer  from and Auroras Carnival

Christmas Fairy  from and Auroras Carnival

Stiltwalking Miss Santa  from and Auroras Carnival

Mrs Santa

Sigmund the Singing Reindeer

Xmas Fairy

Stiltwalking Miss Santa


Santa the contortionist  from and Auroras Carnival

The Ice Queen visits at Christmas  from and Auroras Carnival

Christmas balloon modellers Truelee Peachi  from and Auroras Carnival

Dare to be different, have a Santa who is a contortionist!

Make this a cold Christmas with your own Ice Queen.

Mr & Mrs Santa, balloon modellers. (Also available on stilts)


Sexy Miss Santa - stiltwalker for mix'n'nmingle  from and Auroras Carnival

Kris Katchit is the Stiltwalking Santa  from and Auroras Carnival

Brett Sirrell is his Xmas guise as Mr. Tipple  from and Auroras Carnival

A couple of stiltwalking faries from Surface Tension  from and Auroras Carnival

A sexy Miss Santa stiltwalker

Kris Katchit as Stiltwalking Santa. (We have others!)

Brett Sirrell gets in the festive mood as Mr. Tipple

Surface Tension offer their Stilt walking Faries.


Cathy Doolally - for your Victorian or Dickensian Xmas  from and Auroras Carnival

Stiltwalking angel for Christmas events  from and Auroras Carnival

Stilt walking Miss Santa  from and Auroras Carnival

John Evans, Guinness Book of Records Headbalancer with Santa on his head  from and Auroras Carnival

John Evans headbalancing a Christmas tree  from and Auroras Carnival

A Victorian flower seller suitable for any Victorian or Dickensian Christmas event.

Stiltwalking angel

Another Stiltwalking Miss Santa

John enters the Festive spirit by donning his Santa costume and headbalancing items with a Christmas theme like this Blow Up Santa or Christmas Tree.


The perfect Elf and Fairy Christmas duo  from and Auroras Carnival

Balloon modelling Christmas angels  from and Auroras Carnival

Tamsin the stiltwalking Christmas Fairy chats to the public  from and Auroras Carnival

Rob and Annette Elf and Fairy

Truelee Peachi as Xmas Angels

Tamsin as Stiltwalking Xmas Fairy

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