Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. A variety of other Walkabout acts

mimescape aliens Dracula and Igor< mimescape gangsters
Aliens Dracula and Igor Gangsters
mimescape golfers Jason Maverick Mad Hatter and easter Bunny mimescape ape
Golfers Mad hatter and Easter Bunny Gorilla 
Mimescape fat man mimescape John Bull mimescape mimes
Fat man John Bulls Mimes
mimescape waiters
mimescape paparazzi mimescape teleheads
Waiters Paparazzi Teleheads

alien stiltwalkers from Dr Pandemonium Fish from Halloween stiltwalkers from
Alien stiltwalkers Victorian Penny Farthing walkabout Halloween stiltwalkers
Grim Reaper stilts or statues from Jack Skellington and Sally stiltwalkers medieval graverobbers from
Grim Reaper - stiltwalkers or Human Statues Jack Skellington and Sally stiltwalkers Medieval Grave robbers
Victorian pickpockets from Elvis stiltwalker from foobaler stiltwalker from
Victorian comedy pick pockets Elvis stiltwalker Footballer stiltwalker
policeman walkabout from country gent stiltwalker from Tweed cyclist from
Comedy policeman walkabout act Country gent stiltwalker Country gent cyclist
waiter stiltwalker from Union jack costumed stiltwalkers Roller skaters from
Waiter stiltwalker Union Jack costumes stiltwalkers Roller Skaters

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or for further information, contact:

Chris Ehrenzeller
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