Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers  for all events throughout the country. Voodooville - fire performers, angle grinders. Available to book through Aurora's Carnival.


Big Grey and Helena Hatstand present VOODOOVILLE

        High energy, high impact show involving whip cracking, knife juggling, angle-grinding 
    spark show with acrobalance and fire breathing.


        12minutes 30 seconds long

        High energy, high impact act

        Black costumes – sixties existentialist style

        Fast and furious whip cracking and target work – cutting paper ribbon and flower 
out of mouth

        Comedy duel with knife juggling, swinging and passing

        Silly dance with Crystal ball manipulation

        Angle-grinding – spark effect off metal bikini with acrobalance

        Fire breathing, eating and manipulation

        Music from the sixties – rare tracks from The Snake Pit Club

        Adaptable to theming – especially fire and ice

        Version as Jack Frost battling High Fire Priestess

Suitable for any adult audience or evening event. 




Technical requirements

        Stage area – minimum 25ft by 20 ft.  Ceiling clearance 14ft

        Seating arrangement – ideally front on, but can be performed just as effectively in the round, 
3 sides or 2 sides.

        Lighting requirement – purple and green lights if possible – fairly dark conditions needed 
especially for second half

        Can be performed inside or outside as long as there is not too much wind

        Get in time – one to two hours before the show  Get out time – 30 minutes after show

        Venue to provide PA system including CD player and purple/green lights if possible



Helena Hatstand and Big Grey are "Voodooville".

Voodooville make the sparks fly.


Crazy club act featuring whips, knife juggling, crystal balls, angle grinding, fire eating and breathing.


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