Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events around the country. UNICYCLISTS

Listed below are some of our performers who entertain using unicycles as part of their show and or walkabout. (Shouldn't that read "rideabout"?)
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KRIS KATCHIT: Kris has a large variety of unicycles with 16",20",24" & 28" wheels. He also has a "Mini Giraffe" which has an 8" chain driven wheel - a very unusual machine. To add comedy to his unicycling, he sometimes employs an independent front wheel.

TIM FOOLERY: Tim rides a 24" wheeled unicycle and also has an adjustable "Giraffe". This can be used at either 5' or 8' high. He can sometimes be found using a Devil Stick with a bucket on his head whilst riding his 8' unicycle.

FUZZY Fuzzy rides his unicycle , but also rides a "Mini Bike" (only 43cm high) and a Penny Farthing.

MINI MANSELL: Mini has customised his unicycle to look like a horse. When riding this in his police costume he makes an arresting sight.

STUART: Stuart is the unicycling half of The Curious Eyebrows.

THOMAS TRILBY: Traditional street entertainer - juggler - unicyclist - stiltwalker - magician - balloon modeller.

THE BALLISTIC BROTHERS: A madcap duo who feature a "Giraffe" unicycle in their show to great comic and skillful effect.

Technical note: A Giraffe is the term used for a tall unicycle.


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