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Tommy Baker


 Tommy Baker is the most unusual sports entertainer you're ever likely to come across!

World record holder Tommy provides a thrilling non-stop show of sports entertainment from spinning footballs on his head to bouncing and juggling three basketballs in a fashion that you need to see to believe!  Getting the crowd involved is a speciality - so, if you've ever wanted to spin a basketball on your finger, here's your chance

Tommy will have no problem pulling a crowd, either for a show, or during his walkabout performances.  If you are looking for something that little bit different, then book Tommy.

Tommy is also the Guinness record holder for spinning a basketball on his head, which he incorporates into his performances.

Tommy Baker, Guinnes Book of Records World Record holder.

Tommy is available, for corporate events, sports halls, shopping centres, youth events, etc.....



Tommy offers a 15 minute basketball show to music.  This is primarily a demonstration of his basketball skills and tricks which he has been learning and practicing over the last 20 years.  There are special  moments in the show where Tommy makes younger members of the audience the stars of the show.
The approximate time Tommy would spend during his main show is: 80% performing, 20: audience involvement.

Ball spinning

Juggling 3 basketballs

Basketball juggling


Tommy offers a meet'n'greet performance where he relates to any sort of crowd or public gathering.  By using his basketball and people skills, he is able to make an instant connection with his audience. This is ideal where you have a constantly changing audience.  This type of performance is 80% crowd interactive, 20% performing his tricks.

walkabout, ball on ball

Tommy passes a spinning ball to a young boy.

Hey look I can do this!




Tommy also runs 3 differing types of workshops, catering from the very beginner to those with professional skills.

A beginner workshop lasts up to 20 minutes

An intermediate workshop lasts up to 30 minutes

An elite workshop clinic lasts up to 45minutes.


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