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Fraser Hooper is Strawberry

Strawberry street shows

Strawberry a brilliant entertainer

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Using no words, Fraser Hooper presents an award winning show that has delighted audiences across the world. Taking his cues from the crowd, he creates spontaneous comedy routines from nowhere. Children become hat-stands, men become tables and pushchairs are balanced on his head. Through hilarious audience involvement, dexterous juggling and eccentric dance, the show builds to a thrilling finish with a giant death-defying leap into the arms of his willing volunteers.


Strawberry, mime, clown, juggler, multi talented performer

Fraser Hooper is available to perform his shows in theatres around the world.

Forget scary make-up and squirty flowers, this is clowning with a contemporary edge, where elements of mime, physical comedy and vaudeville are fused with the traditions of the great silent clowns. With his refreshingly individual style Strawberry (Fraser Hooper) has entertained audiences of all ages with his award winning show that has received rave reviews wherever he has played. 

 Fraser Hooper, with a suitcase of tricks, woos and wins over a huge crowd with nothing except large-scale personality, classic clowning and consummate skill. 


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