Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events around the country. Roger Pugh songwriter and musician.


Roger is a unique songwriter and a dynamic performer, though not without a strong sense of wit. Folk Roots described his music as having
"a touch of Tabasco about it"

He accompanies his strong, earthy voice with the guitar and mandola, both of which he plays in a distinct and individual way.
Being a widely travelled person, Roger's music reflects this, which although Celtic at its roots shows influence of South America, The Caribbean and the Balkans.
The lyrics to his songs are very important, covering such diverse topics as relationships, social issues, the environment, fungi, Latin American Ballroom Dancers and The Ramblers Association.

He has performed in UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Germany and Sri Lanka and with such musicians as Pete Morton, Roger Wilson, and Vikki Clayton to name but a few.


Roger Pugh, songwriter and musician. Roger Pugh, songwriter and musician, available to book through Aurora's Carnival.


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