Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events around the country. Ray Ronson, hypnotist. Available to book through Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency.


The Ray Ronson Hypnotic Extravaganza is a fun packed performance in which his volunteers enjoy the experience of a lifetime just as much as the audience!

One minute his volunteers may be the greatest Rock'n'Roll Guitarists on the planet and the next they could be having a deep and meaningful discussion in Martian! Imagine watching the funniest or saddest film of your life in the cinema and then indulging in a huge popcorn fight. These scenes and may more are played out by the volunteers in a safe environment to the thorough enjoyment of the audience.

Hypnotised volunteers dance the Can Can. Looking at the world through X Ray specs. It's easy to be a guitar hero when you are hypnotised.


Ray studied and learned all there is to know about hypnotism and gained his qualification as an Hypnotherapist in 1989. He now uses this skill to entertain audiences all over the world. He performs at many corporate functions, holiday parks, universities and private parties and names Panasonic, Honda, Hilton Hotels, Sky Television, Summerfield's, Howells Leisure Holiday Parks, The Meningitis Research Society and the Armed Forces among his many satisfied clients.


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