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Preacher - Circus Freakshow


Skilled in sideshow stunts, prop manipulation, circus skills, martial arts and performance art; Preacher strives to distance himself from relying on shock value - relying on beauty, skill and imagination instead. 

All costumes are custom made, all shows are unique. Whether working solo or with other trusted professionals, imagination, professionalism and safety are placed above all else. 

All shows are painstakingly rehearsed, all safety concerns addressed. Preacher carries Public Liability insurance, has qualifications in first aid and over the years has encountered and accounted for every variable. 

Preacher stands at the top of his field and as he continues to push the boundaries and reshape the world in which we all live. Below is an example of some of the entertainment Preacher offers.


Preacher - face in broken glass

Preacher - Lying on the Bed of Nails

Preacher - Drill up the nose



Preacher has a number of ready made shows. If you would like details of what they contain, please get in touch.  As an idea, the SIDESHOW is outlined below.

Que Sera Sera 
Psycho Drama 
Preacher's Guide To Healthy Living 
Furious Angels 
Live Combat 
The Alchemist 
Creating the Perfect Woman 


A popular request is simply to do a selection of stunts to entertain the crowd. 
Preacher has written several shows involving a variety of stunts 
allowing for various different venue restrictions, 
price packages, and personal tastes.
All shows involve multiple stunts finishing on a 
finale stunt such as glass manipulation 
and are choreographed to appropriate music. 

The stunts and skills listed below, while possessing no inherent theme, are the foundation of any show. Should none of the ready made shows fulfil your requirements, You can request shows, either displays or fully choreographed, utilising any combination of the following stunts and skills. 


Fire Eating/Breathing 
Drilling The Skull 
Light Snack 
Skull Floss 
Glass Stomp
Facial Glass Manipulation 
Human Dartboard 
Freeze Dried Freak 
Tongue Piercing 
Hot Water Bottle Detonation 
Bed Of Nails 
Razor Blade Stairs 
Cavity Smash 
Glue Smash 
Finger Smash 
Shirt of Death


Preacher - Angle Grinding

Preacher - A Light Snack

Preacher - Fire eating


Preachers other skills include


Fire Staff           Angle-Grinder Displays          Fire In The Hole         Stilt Walking 


Nunchuchu Skills          Knife Skills          Sword Skills          Jo-staff Skills         Butterfly Knife Skills 


Martial Arts Skills 

Please note that Preacher is not the cheapest performer there is. There are cheaper performers out there and by the same token there are far less skilled performers out there. 

If you want to hire a top of the range performer you will pay for what you get, but you will get what you pay for. 


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link

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