Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. Peterkin the Fool


Peterkin is a jester of international repute!

He specialized in presenting entertainment 
with a genuinely authentic flavour for a wide variety of historical venues 
and events, bringing his unique style of historical comedy to events 
throughout Europe and all over the UK. 

Madcap fool, in the truest sense of the words, whether toppling 
precariously on stilts, fire eating or balancing upside down on anyone he 
can trick into lying on the floor. A Must Have for banquets, outdoor 
events, themed parties, weddings or historical re-enactments. 

Peterkin can perform throughout an evening Banquet, as a walkabout 
entertainer or he can present his outdoor show involving acrobatics, 
comedy, fire and stilts: half an hour of serious silliness. As enjoyed by 
Elizabeths I and II

Peterkin the Fool is available to act the fool at any event. He entertains with, acrobatics, stiltwalking, fire breathing and has performed at such venues as Hampton Court Palace and Bishopsthorpe Palace.


Peterkin the Fool

Peterkin the Fool smiles for the Medieval Camera!


Peterkin has made a speciality of performing at wedding receptions and breakfasts. He adds a touch of class comedy to any wedding celebration - welcoming guests on arrival, announcing and shepherding photo calls and acting as master of ceremonies during the meal.

He can perform a number of interludes between courses and can finale, if required by eating fire whilst balanced on a pair of stilts. He is a great hit with adults and children alike and can turn your special day into a truly historic experience.

Peterkin heralds in the bride and groom.


Peterkin the Fool makes an entrance.

Peterkin the Fool breathes a huge column of flame.


Peterkin meets the Queen. Peterkin does his Walter Raleigh impersonation.


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