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Peachi Pangea & Truelee Roodee are a dynamic duo who have a number of years of experience behind them.. They are experts in the use of fire for entertaining, using a variety of props such as Double & Single Fire Staffs, Fire Poi & Chains and a Fire Skipping Rope. They also offer Fire Eating and Body Burning.
This is ideal entertainment for clubs, entertaining the queue while they wait to enter and providing a fire show in the club. They can also draw attention to the Venue with Street Performance and Flyering.


Sind Fire Fingers

Truelee Peachi fire costumes

Fire staff pattern

Entertaining in clubs with Fire

Amazing patterns produces by Glow Staffs.

If the venue doesn't permit the use of fire, then Peachi & Truelee have a range of electronic glow equipment which produce startling images without the danger of naked flames.

Another amazing Glow Staff pattern.


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