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Mustapha Payne


Mustapha Payne, juggler

Mustapa Payne is an alter ego of Kris Katchit.
This act is suitable for any event with a Moroccan or Eastern theme.
Mustapha Payne entertains with a mixture of genuine "fakir" type stunts including lying on the Bed of Nails, Walking on Broken Glass and fire eating/body burning.

He also adds a few "tongue in cheek" routines such as Sword Swallowing, Piercing his tongue with a large needle and "levitating" a child whilst juggling over them.
This act is entirely suitable for a family audience.  


Mustapha Payne, sword balancer

Mustapha Payne balances a 
razor sharp sword on his chin


Mustapha Payne snake charmer

Mustapha Payne hypnotises a snake. 
 (Please note this is not part of the act - 
this particular snake was at an event where he worked!!!)


Mustapha Payne entertains a group of children 
by lying on the Bed of Nails. 

Mustapha Payne juggles while
walking over a bed of Broken Glass.

Mustapha Payne
No Pain No Gain!

Mustapha Payne on the Bed of Nails

Mutapha Payne, juggling on broken glass

Mustapha Payne walks barefoot on broken glass

All photographs on this page gratefully taken by Toby Lyde Photography. 

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