Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. Mobile 'Phones - a brilliant walkabout act from Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency.

Sorry, this act is no longer available. For other WALKABOUT acts click here 

Three mobile phones entertain the crowds at Glastonbury. Available to book from Aurora's Carnival entertainment agency

The perfect Walkabout act for Festivals and large scale events. Imagine 2 or 3 full size Red Telephone Boxes situated at your event. Suddenly, they move, walk about, follow people, perform a surreal dance but above all take everybody by surprise. An extremely visual act which by it's very familiarity guarantees success.

A Galstonbury reveller tries to make a 'phone call!!!!

As seen at Glastonbury and The Riverside Festival in Nottingham.


The Moble 'Phones follow a couple of shoppers.

The "Mobile 'Phones" go walkabout in the shopping centre in Doncaster.

Interested shoppers wonder what the 'phone is doing in the shopping centre.


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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