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Merlin the Magician

You can usually find Lord Merlin performing his medieval magic show to the guests at the banquet or strolling around with a mixture of magic tricks, crazy puppets and of course his own brand of spontaneous humour.

You can see him putting one of the serving wenches to the " Pillar of Death " or the Jester to the " Chest of Daggers " or even putting a smile on the faces of the younger ones with his secret stash of children's magic tricks !


Merlin at the court of Fantaysia

Merlin sees it in the flames

Merlin with "friend" at a Lord of the Rings themed wedding


Jes Ter with vul ture

Occasionally, Merlin uses his magic powers to entertain the general public in the guise of a jester.  
This enables him to mingle closely with the general public without compromising his special position.

Jes Ter mingles with the crowd



This is Mini Merlin, he is the Sorcerers Apprentice.
He is Pictured here with a falcon whilst working at a function in Drum Castle near Aberdeen. 
Mini Merlin is following in his dads footsteps and is happy to be seen doing magic tricks and generally helping out with the entertainment. 

The Sorcerers Apprentice with falcon



In normal guise as a children's entertainer

On occasions, Merlin will appear in private houses as a children's entertainer, doing all the things kids like at their party

woof woof woof


The Play Team ready for action
Hi there, we are the " PLAY TEAM "

Sometimes things get a bit tough, that's when we call in our 
special agent Thomas to help with the BIG jobs……….

Send for special agent Thomas of the Play Team
This was one such party. ( they even had 'Kids' there )

We had Special agent Thomas flown in to control the situation.


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