Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. Marc Oberon, The Wizard, magician available from Aurora's Carnival.


Marc Oberon truly is a wizard, whether working Close Up magic around the tables at a corporate dinner or similar function, or performing his amazing stage show.

Close Up Magic 
Close quarter Magic is the hardest of all the illusionist's disciplines. When you are standing two feet away from the audience, there is no opportunity to rely on smoke and mirrors to hide your actions. It requires great skill and hundreds of hours of practice to perfect. 

Large audiences are often predictable in their reactions but a single person can react unexpectedly, so a close up magician acquires that extra skill of adaptability only learned through experience. 

Whether Marc is performing for a nightclub audience, a corporate function or delivering a tailored message for a product launch or trade show, the audience large or small will soon believe in Magic. 

Marc Oberon performing table magic at a business dinner.

Marc Oberon, master of close up magic.


The Stage Show
The Wizard performs a twelve minute act under ultra violet light within his especially constructed stage of black velvet - a unique and spellbinding performance combining a delightful visual display with technical magic. In a darkened room, dramatic music begins and The Wizard appears in vibrant luminous colours, to play out an intriguing and mysterious story.

The Wizard is joined by a beautiful sharklike fish which twirls around him as if underwater. The Wizard models a bird from paper and imbues it with life so that it flies freely around him glowing in the darkness.

There are more wonderful creatures to be seen, fish, snakes and an alien girl who floats a glowing orb around her body. The Wizard and the girl meet and there is romance in the air - but then The Wizard becomes possessed by an evil face and turns upon her. The Wizard levitates, spinning impossibly in midair. The Alien girl destroys the evil face, harmony is restored. 

Marc Oberon - the wizard with a UV Stage Show.

Marc Oberon, master magician. Available to book through Aurora's Carnival.

The alien girl and fish from the Marc Oberon Magic Stage Show.


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