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Legends Fighting Knights


 Legends can undertake Purely historical events, Banquets, Family Fun and Children's Days.
Also legend based or fantasy based shows such as Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, King Arthur and even the Tolkien Lord of the Rings based shows.
History wise, they can take along a wide range of items from the medieval period from the times of the Norman Conquest, through to the start of the Tudors.

Their camp is made up of a Lord's Knight Tent, The Garrison Armoury, The Tavern / Cookhouse, The Fletcher, The Surgeon's Tent, too mention but a small section.
If required, they can take Archery Equipment which they encourage the public to have a go at, Coin making, Children's Battles, and lots of Arts and crafts all medieval based.

The main combat shows can range from a couple of armoured fighters, to a Skirmish with about 20 plus combatants.



For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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Legends Medieval Group offer fighting knights, Medieval camps, medieval cooking, Robin Hood and his  Merry Men. They can provide walkabout entertainment and/or set fighting shows.