Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. Larkin'aBout, stiltwalker available through Aurora's Carnival entertainment agecy.


Specialising in comedy stilt characters, Larkin'aBout combines high levels of skill and original ideas to create memorable street theatre. The characters have been created with great attention to detail and use a unique stilt sound-system for musical or vocal effects.


Rock'n'Roll music heralds the arrival of Frankie, the rocker with the big quiff, dodgy watches and an attitude to match. Sometimes found in the company of his brother Eddie.

Deep sea divers - one of the stiltwalking characters from Larkin'about.

Foxtrot Oscar

Be enthralled as Oscar and Yolanda (his amazing puppet partner) trip the light fantastic with Waltzes, Tangos & Foxtrots performed in the strictest of tempos to the music of Victor Sylvester.

Frankie - a Larkin'about stilt walker from Aurora's Carnival entertainment agency.

Deep Sea Divers

Communicating by using wipeboards and signals, the divers intermix with the crowds. Strange undersea sounds emanate from somewhere and - watch out for their leaky helmets! (also available solo)

Larkin'bout dances the light fantastic with this stilt walking walkabout act.

Larkin'aBout also have a variety of other stilt characters including: "Dink" the Alien, "Sir Toby Oldesoake" a Tudor gent, "Dithering" a crusty old waiter and "Daemon" straight out of the horror movies.


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