Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. Kris Katchit Medieval Jester for Banquets, Weddings, Corporate Events etc.


Kris Katchit has been a jester at numerous Medieval Banquets and Weddings in castles and stately homes all around the country. Standing tall on his stilts he is ideal for meeting and greeting or mixing and mingling at any event.
If required he can perform a show featuring juggling (including chickens [rubber!], knives and fire), juggling whilst lying on the bed of nails or walking across broken glass, or balanced precariously on a plank supported by only one chair back.

Kris Katchit Purple & Orange Jester. Kris juggling whilst lying on the bed of nails. Kris entertaining the children at a medieval wedding balancing a plastic sword on his finger whilst on his stilts.


Kris Katchit - Medieval Jester for the past 11 years at the Ludlow Festival of Crafts. Kris balancing a volunteer on a plank lying on a single chair back.


Juggling knives whilst walking on Broken Glass.

Glass walking and juggling knives.


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