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Kris is one of the tallest stiltwalkers in the country. He is ideal for leading a parade as his height ensures that he will be well seen by everybody watching. A stiltwalker is the perfect walkabout entertainer for shopping centres, craft fairs, children's events, council events and as a crowd pleaser whilst waiting for the major celebrity at an event to arrive (e.g. a Soap Star, a Footballer or even The Queen). Since beginning performing in 1991, Kris has had plenty of experience in all these types of performance and more.

Kris can also entertain as a Jester at Medieval Banquets, Weddings , Corporate Events and such like, either as a walkabout act featuring stiltwalking, juggling, fire eating or with the addition of a show which can include a precarious chair & plank balance and juggling whilst lying on a Bed of Nails.


Kris at Standage Visitor's Centre. Photo courtesy of Sandra Cash, Standage. Kris entertains at the Nissan Family Fun Day in Sunderland. Photo courtesy of the Sunderland Echo. Kris with fan at Big W in Newark. Kris, stiltwalking jester using poi.


Kris entertains children at a medieval wedding arranged by Princess Valaria of Fantaysia. Kris Katchit is Santa Claus! Kris with his partner Vanity as wizard and witch launching the Harry Potter video at Big W in Newark. Kris as Elvis


Alien walkabout character 4 legged alien walkabout


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