Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. The Kondinis fire, escapology, cabaret


THE KONDINIS offer a unique performance, truly international, non-speaking cabaret, full of surprises and mixed with danger.
With a combination of audience participation, stunts with swords and fire, they create illusions beyond belief. Their act is suited to all types of shows and venues and suitable for all ages and occasions.

With over 20 years experience as an Escapologist, Kondini has been seen on TV many times performing his daring escapes. Kondini was on the Guinness Book of Records' '50 Year' show with his record breaking success.

The ideal show promotion guaranteed to increase interest for your event or show is the Challenge Escape. 10,000! (ask for deails) Also on offer, the Strait Jacket Escape as performed by Houdini.

You come up with the challenges, KONDINI GETS OUT! 

All escapes are made in full view of the audience. Houdini himself would have been proud of the challenge set by an escape artist. Only three people have managed to escape the Fenton lock, Kondini was one of them! - Houdini himself failed to do this! Kondini has challenged the public to come up with something he cannot escape from. Over 500 challenge escapes have been made so far.

Escapology & Fire-Eating are specialist areas
His acts can also incorporate other features including:
Blindfold sword work
Fakir Stunts
Audience Participation
Challenge escapology
Bed Of Nails

Kondine - chain escape

Kondini's acts range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in duration and he often performs three sessions each day. They are not to be missed

The Kondinis can perform their act in an arena, or if required they have their own self contained truck stage.

They also offer a cabaret act and can provide walkabout entertainment.


The Human Toolbox
As one of the few Human Toolbox acts, he performs with everyday tools, which must be seen to be believed. Presented with strong comedy - you will be sitting on the edge of your seat, or falling off it with laughter! Kondini puts tools places they really shouldn't go. 

He won't scream but you might!

Kondini cleans his nose with a drill

Kondini chops a melon in his wife's hand

Kondini extracts a nail from his nose



Kondini's stage
Full Public Liability Insurance to 5 million.

Mobile Stage Unit
A completely self-contained mobile stage unit can be provided for outside shows, including shopping malls, markets, Christmas evenings etc. 
Size when open 22' X 16' and includes a small arena area in front of the stage, which has barriers. 
Own electricity generation and lights if required. 



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