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The Jolly Jester


The Origins of "The Jester" 

A Jester was a Gentleman who lived by his wits. It is a character known world wide, universally accepted as a conveyor of Mirth and Magic. 
The Jester's primary function was to amuse and entertain his audience, with his wide range of skills. He had to be good to make a living.

In Hollywood films, The Jester is often portrayed wrongly as a buffoon or a fool. The Jester was anything but that, he was a skilled performer who had honed his performing skills over many years.

His skills would include such things as Fire Eating, Juggling, Stilt Walking and Magical Illusion. The Jester would also supplement these skills with other diversions such as Paper Folding, Story Telling and Topical Rhymes.


Robert Freeman, The Jolly Jester

The Performances

Magical Entertainment, Traditional Wooden Stilts, and Fire Eating. All in his own unique humorous style. 

Equally at home in a Middle East Hotel, Far Eastern Shopping Mall, or Stately Mansion in Europe.
Meet & Greet, Mix and Mingle, or Set Spots. 

At the Popular Medieval Banquets, Close Up Magic round the tables, mixed with Stilts, Juggling, Period Paper Folding, (The Troublewit) and Fire Eating, subject to conditions permitting bring together the unique quality's of 'The Jolly Jester'. 

An ideal act for corporate entertainment, trade shows and exhibitions, television, wedding receptions and private parties.


The Jolly Jester - fire performer


Robert Freeman - corporate magician

Close-up Magic
by "The Jolly Jester" 

Robert Freeman displays a wonderful array of close-up magical skills which will amuse and delight your guests.
The performances may be tailored to fit any venue such as hotels, restaurants corporate hospitality suites or intimate private parties.

All the material used may be viewed by both children and adults and there is nothing that will cause offence to anybody. This is wholesome family entertainment at it's very best.

Corporate Magic
by "The Jolly Jester" 

For these type of events Robert Freeman is able to successfully incorporate the Company Logo into the magical effects, as The Jolly Jester.

Earls Court, Olympia, N.E.C. Birmingham, Lisbon, Valletta, and Kuala Lumpur are just a few of the locations where Robert Freeman has performed on behalf of multi national corporations in the Banking, Pharmaceutical, and High Tech world. 
When it is important to get your message across, in a manner that will be remembered by your customers and clients. The Jolly Jester can provide the solution.


Circus Skills Workshop
by "The Jolly Jester" 

A Professional Entertainer for over 25 years, Robert Freeman presents a "Hands On" Juggling Experience.

Those taking part will be able to try and succeed with a variety of Juggling Props. In a one hour set for up to 40 participants, or an 'ad hoc' basis, come and go.

a popular Victorian Toy updated.

Spinning Plates;
not as easy as they look, but once mastered, never lost.

the traditional hand held version less than a foot high, but great fun.

Hot & Fun Wheels;
as easy as riding a bike, well almost!

The La-La Bike;
only the Chinese could think of this 3 wheeled wonder!!!

With enough equipment for up to 45 participants, and supervised tuition from Robert, fun is assured. But of course, the session would not be complete without an Entertaining Demonstration of Juggling, Magic, and Paper Folding skills.

Includes Public Liability Insurance for 5 million. 


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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