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Mr Giggles


Giggles the Clown - party entertainer.

Giggles the Clown is from Glasgow and provides a wide range of Birthday entertainment for children. 

While every Children's Birthday Party is unique, Mr Giggles the Clown has evolved a 
winning formula for one or two hours of fun, games, laughter, music and magic.

All the children are immediately immersed in the excitement of a top class 60 minute 
Professional Magic Show where the children actually do the magic. Mr Giggles just 
happens to be there to make sure it happens!!!

Included are carefully supervised games, dances, quizzes and competitions with that 
special Mr Giggles touch guaranteed to raise much laughter and excitement which will 
be remembered in the days ahead long after the party is finished.

A typical Kids Birthday Party consists of magic, puppets (they really do look real, 
even to adults), plate spinning / juggling, music, games with balloon models, 
colouring in posters and sweets being available as small prizes.

And of course YOUR CHILD is the STAR as demonstrated throughout the show and there is 
a special spot where your child actually produces his or her very own birthday present in a 
most magical way which leaves the birthday party friends amazed that they could do 
such great magic. At the end of the show all the children receive a small gift to 
take home in their goody bags.


Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete arrives half an hour before the party is scheduled to sail and treats the 
birthday child to amazing magic even before your guests arrive thus ensuring the 
birthday child is smiling all the way from the start to the finish of the party.

Pirate Pete knows that this is your child’s very special day which only comes once a 
year and the whole show is dedicated to ensuring that the Birthday Child and guests 
have lots of happy memories to share in the months and years ahead. That’s why there 
is a special feature spot at the beginning and at the end of the show starring the 
Birthday Child.

Pirate Pete immerses all of the children in an extravagant imaginary magical voyage 
which includes puppets, magic, pirate party games, competitions and pirate dances for 
his eager volunteers.

Pirate Pete adds his own special touch as he performs the “initiation” of the 
Birthday Cake with the help of magic ribbons, his new crew and the birthday child 
making a special magic wish (which always come true!!).
This very “cheesy” moment culminates in all the children singing "Happy Birthday" 
Pirate Pete’s special way. A wonderful photo opportunity if ever there was one.

Pirate Pete comes equipped with a full PA System, professional backing tracks and 
Disco Lights to create the right Party Atmosphere as your guests arrive. He sings, 
dances and interacts with all the children as they have never experienced before as 
they share in his non stop fun adventures.

Pirate Pete continues the excitement even during the "Birthday Tea" as he creates 
balloon swords, parrots, swans, hats and lots of other animals for his eager helpers.

Pirate Pete’s Party Extravaganza aboard the high seas of the children’s imagination 
is non stop, high energy excitement until it is time all too soon to sail back to 

Pirate Pete - ready to entertain


Wizard Wizzi children's birthday party magician

Wizard Wizzi
Yes young wizard Harry Potter has a lot to answer for. Everyone is into Wizards these 
days especially one who can do real magic that entertains. Wizard Wizzi, children's 
birthday party entertainer, makes his audience gasp with amazement but the magical 
phenomenon is he doesn’t do any magic because his audience does, especially the 
birthday child, who, because it is his birthday has special magical powers at his 
birthday party.

And of course there is a special spot where your child actually produces his very own 
birthday present in a most magical way which leaves his friends amazed that he could 
do such great wizard magic. At the end of the party all the wizard children receive 
a small present to take home in their goody bags.


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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