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Fairly Famous Family


The Fairly Famous Family provide a wide range of shows and walkabout acts - see below for more details.


Fairly Famous Family - Cheesy Rider

Cheesy Rider 
Armed only with a mobile cocktail bar and upholstered moped, Ronnie Ronco and Kenny K-Tel present a tribute to the bri-nylon underbelly of sixties ‘culture’. As the moped and minibar come to rest our heroes serve their all-action comic cocktail of plate manipulation, telepathic cummerbunds and live music in their sadly authentic cabaret style.

The Lifeguards
 "With flip-flops and whistles we are warriors of modern times"
Perched high on their chairs the lifeguards attempt to impose the timeless values of the municipal baths on to the streets of your town. Affectionate and fun, the lifeguards can fill any street with laughter in any weather.

Fairly Famous Family - Lifeguards


Fairly Famous loos

Fairly Famous sea dogs

Fairly Famous _ street magic!

Now Wash Your Hands Mr. Armitage and Mr. Shanks present their public information broadcast on the subject of ‘Lavatory Safety for Pleasure and Profit’. The performance begins with the spectacle of two portaloos waltzing into position to the sounds of Air on a G String and continues with a demonstration of such delights as plunger manipulation, bathroom magic and the legendary grand loo roll finale. 

Maritime show
Sea dogs don’t come much saltier than these two. A comic mix of cannon ball juggling, magic trunks, hornpipes and outlandish thigh slapping. All swashes buckled and timbers thoroughly shivered or your money back!!

Below the Behind ‘Top’ street magician David Paine and his long-suffering cameraman Barry bring magic and glamour to your event. David performs feats of spoon bending and telepathy that defy the laws of nature (and many trades descriptions laws), while Barry brings out some Oscar winning performances from the crowd.


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