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Earthbound Misfits


The Earthbound Misfits are a group of performers able to deliver a wide range of entertainment from street shows to walkabout, circus workshops to medieval banquets. 

The Misfits Comedy Juggling Show
This is the company’s most popular performance piece and involves throwing balls, rings, clubs, fruit and vegetables, rubber chickens, 
small mammals and other woodland creatures, sharp objects, and hot objects you name it they will try to juggle it or throw it at each other. 
This show involves other skills such as diabolo, unicycles, plate spinning, and the occasional straightjacket escape.
This is diverse colourful audience participation family show that last approx 30 to 45 minutes, this performance involves 1 to 3 performers. 


Earthbound Misfits, comedy juggling show

Earthbound Misfits - fire juggling


Walkabout act The Geeks

Walkabout act - Halloween Doctors

The Earthbound Misfits offer

a range of walkabout characters including: The Geeks, Halloween Doctors 
and Unicycle Convicts

The unicycle convicts
The Geeks

It’s all in the name really. Train spotting, jotter pad and 
biro wielding serial number obsessed geeks. You name 
it they collect it. Names, stamps, car registration 
numbers the lot. 
These characters are often believed to be the real thing. 
They ride bikes small, big, long, and tall and roam 
around on foot constantly on the mission of collecting 
useless data.

The Convicts

Hand cuffed, leg cuffed, ball & chain wearing 
unicycling convicts on the run. They roam the 
event constantly on the run using any mode of transport, 
and relying on the art of escapology to free 
themselves from chains, locks, straitjackets and handcuffs.


Circus Skills Workshops

You Can Try Your Hand At One of the Following Skills:
Juggling (scarves, balls, rings, clubs)
Plate spinning, Yo-yo, Diabolo 
Devil & Rhythm Sticks
Unicycle, Globe walking, Poi, Astro jax
Stilt walking, 
Rola Bola (teeter board)
Cigar boxes, Clowning
Performing, Balancing skills, Character acting
Street Theatre Techniques


The Earthbound Misfits can also offer a full range of Medieval entertainment:

Medieval Performances
The Misfits provide a few medieval types of performance to fit many different occasions.

Full Medieval Banquet Package 
If you have a medieval themed evening, banquet, wedding reception etc we can offer you a package of juggler/jester, Master of ceremonies, executioner. We can also provide you with a magician and minstrels.
We provide a full package for an evening of medieval entertainment. 
We will meet and greet the guests. 
We will introduce the courses of the banquet.
We will perform and entertain during and between courses
We will perform a comedy juggling show at the end of the banquet.


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

To book any number of Earthbound Misfits,
 or for further information, contact:

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