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Trouvere are highly acomplished medieval musicians who regularly perform at castles, stately homes, hotels etc providing medieval music fro wedding, banquets and such like.

They play a wide range of medieval instruments between them such as: harp, recorders, bagpipes, gittern, hurdy gurdy, percussion etc.
They offer songs, music, dance and storytelling as required.
They also work in schools, introducing pupils to the magic of the medieval sound.
All their music and costumes are researched from the period and are based on historical sources.  They do allow some personal interpretation of the music and this adds to the atmosphere.
They can appear as a duo, trio or quartet, but if more musicians are required, this would not be a problem for them.


Paul Trouvere bagpipes gittern

Trouvere Gill harp recorders

Trouvere Dan, percussion recorders

Trouvere Mike bagpipes
Trouvere Paul and Gill Trouvere at Hampton Court


In addition to the music, they can conclude trhe evening with dancing, providing there is a minimum of three performers booked so that two can play while the third leads the dancing.

As an extra, they can include storytelling in their repertoire, while their favourite Reynard the Fox can also be performed wearing masks.


Trouvere harp and gittern

Trouvere storytelling Reynard the Fox

Trouvere Reynard the Fox storytelling


Trouvere regularly appear with other performers, notably the jester KrisKatchit.  As such, they can provide a package for any medieval event.

Medieval procession with Trouvere and Kris Katchit Kris Katcit, juggler with Trouvere providing background music


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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