The Invisible Man


Kissing The Invisible Man!!!!!

The Invisible Man (T.I.M.)

 is a unique and visually awe-inspiring act. TIM is a multi-skilled performer that gives you a walkabout act and a magic cabaret all in one, producing outbreaks of laughter, gasps of amazement and occasional startled screams wherever he goes. 

TIM is totally professional, reliable and adaptable. He can 'appear' at any corporate or private event, however big or small, to amuse and mesmerise your guests or make your product truly and unforgettably visible...


The Invisible Man offers:
Surreal and hilarious magic
TIM is an expert in visual comedy magic (since he’s been struck with the Invisibility Syndrome he has lost the ability to take things too seriously), magic such as funny sleights of hand, ridiculous toilet paper mystery, 8 foot pole out of a 3 inch pocket, ‘bottle through body’, or impromptu levitations of all sorts, including the Wild Bubble Ride!

Mentalism at its most amusing
The Invisible Man has an uncanny power of "seeing through" people to divine their thoughts or tell them their innermost secrets…

T.I.M. can also welcome guests, serve drinks, dance, mime and contact juggle with crystal or glowing balls.


TIM with an admirer pose for a photograph

TIM walks the invisible dog.

Are you looking at me?????


"At first I was stunned, then I burst out laughing... The Invisible Man is a spooky surrealist. He's simply brilliant!"

"This is really clever. I couldn’t take my eyes off you!" 

"He's way ahead of us!"

"I love your act. I am a journalist for this Australian magazine here. Can you hold it as if you’re reading it... Yes, like that, and with the Houses of Parliament in the background. Good one! Thanks mate!"

"Sir, I have to ask you, have you been drinking? Because, you look like you are off your face, sir!!!" 
Police Woman on South Bank

FAQs from all ages
"How do you scratch your nose?"             "Daddy, where are his ears?"           "How do you breathe?"

"You have a head, don't you?"            "Can I give you a kiss?"


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link

To book TIM, walkabout magician,
 or for further information, contact:

Chris Ehrenzeller
Aurora's Carnival
166 Dale Road
Matlock Bath

Mobile: 07710 788671

e mail: enquiries@aurorascarnival.co.uk