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Simon - Freaky Magician


Simon, on stage

Simaon swallows a balloon

Simon  is swiftly becoming a well- known name in the Alternative world and is one of the Busiest Freak Performers in the UK. Simon’s Performance will create Laughter, Fun and Horror as your guests watch him do things that shouldn’t be possible or even conceived.

After being featured on 'Britain's Got Talent' swallowing a long balloon on National Television in 2009, Simon has been asked to perform for Cabaret shows, Celebrity Parties, Conventions, and most recently for the International Vaudeville Festival and with the Circus of Horrors.


Do what I do......

A Regular Performer at the critically acclaimed Carny Cabaret Show
at Madame JoJo's, London, Simon will amaze, astound, and freak out
your audience, making your event, THE event they will remember

Simon - nail up the nose

His act contains: Swallowing razor blades, hammering 2 nails into nose, sawing
thread through neck, pushing tic tacs into eyes, nose and mouth and making all
four come out of mouth, gross card trick, dislocating arm, balloon swallowing,
nose – throat flossing with a balloon, rope escape. These items can be booked
separately also dependant on Clients Needs.
Specifics: Needs a table, a chair, and audience participation
Swallowing Razor blades


Walk around Performance
Time: As long as Client Requires

Can also be used as a walk around performer, performing for people as they are
at the bar, sitting at their table, wandering around etc making a perfect addition
for trade shows and corporate events for something different. Includes some of
the same stunts but will not include the Balloon Swallow or the Rope Escape.

For Video of Simon.....Click here


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