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Rob Fiery


Rob Fiery sparks

Fire Shows
From a single cabaret performer with a fakir style routine incorporating body burning, fire eating, dance and fire breathing, to an outdoor show with a cast of characters, a storyline, and plenty of pyrotechnic tricks to keep the OOOOHHS and AAAAHHS coming, these are some of the most impressive visual acts we can provide. 

Safety is an issue when dealing with the larger shows. Performance spaces must be available for inspection beforehand. Railings and marked safety zones may be required. Stewarding may also be necessary in some cases. Our performers carry the necessary insurance for this work.


Rob Fiery fire juggler

Rob Fiery fire juggler stage show

Rob Fiery fire juggler for the BBC


Rob Fiery glo juggler in glo suit

Glow Performances

If you require a dazzling display in a darkened area and are unsure as to the suitability of a Fire show to your event this option cannot be beaten. There are none of the special precautions that have to be undertaken when using pyrotechnics, no dangerous and messy substances are used, and of course these shows are easily undertaken indoors or in confined areas. (Having said this, we can, of course, integrate our Light and Fire shows to create a really devastating effect!) 

Our performers work together to create highly skilled juggling routines for stage. These involve balls, clubs, poi, staff and other illuminated objects. They can also be set as an installation, a futuristic tableau and very interesting talking point or they can wander through your guests, impressing as they go. They will light up any evening or night time function and are perfect for clubs, parties, late night shopping or any location that you need lighting up!

Powered by battery and utilising large quantities of "Surelight" electro-luminescent wire these suits are incredibly bright and do not need total darkness to be impressive, even in a normally lit room they are stunning. Performances can last for up to 2 hours before a battery change is required. Spares are carried as we realise that reliability is an absolute necessity to our performance.


Rob and his colleagues can also after a wide range of other entertainment, including Human Statues and stiltwalkers.

Rob Fiery human statue

Annette Gliwa, Human Statue.

Silverman human statue

Rob Fiery stiltwalking giraffe

Rob Fiery stiltwalking couple

Rob Fiery stiltwalking cricketers

Rob Fiery stiltwalking Jack Frost


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