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For nearly a decade Paul Brook, Mind Reader has been entertaining audiences with his form of psychological mind reading.
 It's a mixture of psychology, body language and a few other things that give the illusion of real mind reading.
But without the spooky paranormal stuff.

Paul's act is extremely versatile and is suitable for many platforms.
From small intimate parties right up to large arena and staged events.

His debonair demeanour conceals a spark of cheeky fun and with his unique skills and abilities he
creates experiences that will leave your guests speechless with laughter as well as amazement.

Paul Brook Mind Reader

Paul Brook Mind Reader Midlands Paul Brook Mind Reader  


 Paul Brook mind reading magician 

The secret ot Paul's stunning performances is his history as a professional psychologist, running a successful therapy practice and the indepth
understanding of the human mind that this has given him.  His intense training, substantial experience and numerous professional qualificitions
in the science of psychology have provided him with a powerful insight into the inner workings of the brain.
By combining this profound understanding of the nature and behaviour of the mind with his fascination for theatre and entertainment,
Paul has created a fusion of the two that has never been seen before.
Paul Brook Mind reading magician Midlands


To book Paul Brook,
or for further information, contact:

Chris Ehrenzeller
Aurora's Carnival
166 Dale Road
Matlock bath

Mobile: 07710 788671

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