Aurora's Carnival Entertainment Agency supplies performers for all events. LUCKY CHIMNEY SWEEP


The Lucky Sweep.

Legend has it, that over 200 years ago, a Chimney Sweep saved the life of King George III, by regaining control of his wayward Horse and Carriage.
By Royal Decree, the King proclaimed that Chimney Sweeps are Bearers of Good Luck and fortune, and further, should be invited to Weddings, and Festivals.
This tradition is kept alive to this day, Your SweepOGram is on call to attend Your Special Day.

Good Luck is sure to rub off when the groom shakes hands with a Lucky Chimney Sweep who will have a "Lucky Kiss" for the new bride. With the power vested in him by King George III, he will present a keepsake of good fortune to the happy couple.

Lucky sweep with couple
Lucky Sweep for weddings


Lucky Sweep kisses the bride

Lucky Sweep testimonial


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