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Jorge El Guapo


Strewth, Gazooks! 
Make space for THE

Crusading clown of chaos, "Jorge EL Guapo" .

Marvel at this medieval madman, a royally appointed fool since 1492.

 He  sniggers while hammering a six inch nail into his sinus cavity,

He wipes away the tears of ecstasy when  a member of the public drops a 12 inch kitchen knife onto his bare belly.

He giggles whilst galloping barefoot on  broken glass,

 He makes light of the  weight of  a 100 kilo volunteer threatening to impale him upon a deadly bed of nails,

He guffaws in the face of danger.


This a naughty street show, with an endearing clown, with plenty of audience participation and suitable for all ages.

Show time ...... 25 minutes

"I haven't laughed so much since burning the heretics" Torquemada, Inquisitor General.

An ideal act for corporate entertainment, street shows, television, wedding receptions, medieval banquets and private parties.


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