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The FireFlyz are a Staffordshire based fire performance troupe. They specialise in Fire Staff and Fire Poi but  also use Contact Juggling, Stilts and Glo Equipment.

They can be booked for corporate and charity events, private parties and festivals.


FireFlyz Fire poi

For an evening outdoor performance they use a variety of fire equipment including Fire Poi, Fire Staff and Fire Fans. Performances are usually broken up into two or three 10-20 minute sets but this can be altered to suit your event. Daytime performances are more limited due to the visual effect of the fire at night.



FireFlyz group performance

Indoor events such as Nightclubs, Halls or Marquees which cannot include fire equipment due to the fire hazard can have Glo equipment such as LED Poi and Glo-Staffs. As with the outdoor events performances are usually broken up into two or three 10-20 minute sets but this can be altered to suit your event.

FireFlyz solo performance

A walk-about involves less of an organised performance where the performers mingle with guests and provide a more intimate and close-up show. Being up-close with the audience does however limit the equipment used, there is no fire aspect to a walk-about.

As a professional performance troupe they supply their own fire safety equipment such as Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets. One of their main performers, Mike, is also an ex-fireman. For larger performances the FireFlyz troupe includes its own trained first-aider.



For Weddings they can tailor the performances to match the theme of the wedding. This can include matching the costumes to the colour of the wedding.

They can also offer performances at after parties aimed at being either one of the main entertainments or aimed at entertaining the children. Alternatively you could hire them to do a circus workshop as an alternate entertainment.

FireFlyz fire poi performance

FireFlyz flying sparks


The FireFlyz can offer a range of circus workshops aimed at:

Schools          Corporate Events        Charity Events       Team Bonding

Please note that none of the circus workshops, for adults or children, include fire.


For a complimentary copy of my PDF file "A guideline to the various types of entertainment available to book for your event" Click this link.

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