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Ana Cerrato silk performer Bristol
Ana cerrato aerialist Bristol
Ana Cerrato hoops
Ana cerrato and friend on silks

Ana Cerrato aerialist Bristol Ana is an experienced performer specializing in aerial hoop, silks and corde lisse,
including solo and doubles/duets
on all the above. Her acts are neat, elegant and daring. They stand out by:

Having performed at a wide variety of events since 2007: corporate, weddings, balls, festivals and circus tours as
a solo artist, as a duo/doubles act and as part of big aerial ensembles.

Having a big array of costumes and willing to tailor her act and  costumes to client's requirement given enough
time at no extra cost.

Being suitable for indoor bookings as well as outdoors: She is the co-owner of a free-standing aerial rig should the
booking take place at a non riggable venue. She is also happy to rig her equipment at a riggable venue
providing all relevant load tests and access to the rigging point be present.

She is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. 
She is classically trained in music, which makes her understanding of musical cues, counts and beats the perfect
attribute to her choreographies, and it makes iteasy to work as part of ensembles.


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